Grajski / Maribora

Didelės raiškos tiesiogine kameros transiliacija

Kontinentas: Europa
Šalis: Slovėnija
Grupė: Aikštė
Pavadinimas: Grajski
Peržiūros: 3681
Patiko ši kamera? Kamera neveikia? EMBED

HlveUK0MM 2016-05-15 / 01:49:53 Furthermore, I request that you immediately remove from the internet any links which include my name in association with Zgeek.Is it just me or does that sound like she expects Pirate to edit what other people talk about on sites he doesn’t cont
q5bBL69FdP3 2016-05-14 / 03:35:00 Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I found out Emila was gonna surprise u with a mug! I knew you’d be ecstatic and I’m glad her pressie cheered u up. And the mug looks absolutely great, good job Emila! Thanks fo
oWjoMxwT 2016-05-11 / 13:25:27 It seemed like in the story he was hispanic in origin. If so, he is "doing one of those jobs Americans won't do" by providing a sonyde-reeled Great White Criminal for the MSM. White American men in the US just aren't scre
l5DJw6gB 2016-05-10 / 13:54:10 I just love the graphic element brick adds to a shot,nice use of that here! The edit is subtle but appropriate.I like what ya did with the barn too.Thanks for shnenig.Jeanifrr recently posted..
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