Miesto panorama / Tahoe

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Kontinentas: Amerika
Šalis: [JAV]Kalifornija
Grupė: Panorama
Pavadinimas: Miesto panorama
Peržiūros: 4430
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7U8SVjEl4 2016-05-15 / 01:48:58 Trying to get the word out so people will know. Several good accounts have been suedenpsd. We are following and trying to keep up but we hope and pray that God intervenes soon. Miss your tweets. Let us know on FB if there is more we can do. http://fuzx
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3t1US0pZ 2016-05-11 / 13:24:31 tolong beri informasi mengenai verb,noun,adjective D prepositions to yang pasti diikuti gerund dan g pernah diikuti ma inin,itive,fthanksapa bedanya accustomed to ma used to,,diikuti v-ing pa infinitife
DV0R0GtOpT1 2016-05-10 / 12:15:46 Sehr stilvoll, gefällt mir total! Habe leider keine eigene Wohnung, aber meine Möbel in meinem Zimmer sind auch alle weiß, die Aceessoircs sind in rosa gehalten:)
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