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Kontinentas: Amerika
Šalis: [JAV]Kalifornija
Grupė: Keliai
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21gjOcFRJB 2016-05-15 / 01:49:56 It is just absolutely ridiculous for Demonthemes to be defending NAMBLA. Quite a number of them have been sent to prison. He apparently thinks their behavior is funny. It really is1n;82&7#t. [url=]fuyxzavzqf
8Udb955i7 2016-05-14 / 03:35:05 Donda:JP,Esta é somente a segunda vez que eu posto aqui, apesar de acompanhar diariamente o blog desde o ano passado.Achei ótima a idéia, principalmente a opção B, pois estarei ed férias neste período, inclusive retornando da França a poucos dias.
hGtFzMZNTYL 2016-05-13 / 02:43:16 That picture of Faith and Kerf is so telling. I actually really like Fa1i2&#8ht7;s blog, and it is full of pictures of them hanging out with friends, hiking with friends, going to festivals with friends, etc (and not awkwardly posed like the above pho
zBys01ZutS 2016-05-11 / 13:25:32 Looks like Thainsgkving was a hit! Hooray!I did a photoblog about turkey day, too. But my pics suck because I was drunk. Your little girl is so darn adorable!
ucQPKxlND49K 2016-05-10 / 14:00:56 Yeah Mate,i live in … Yeah Mate,i live in Tamnisaa, keep up the good work, one day i would like to meet you and share a drink or three D3Was this answer helpful?
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